Hey lovely
Don’t cry
For matters
that you’ll regret later

Hey lovely
This life is too short
to feel out of sorts

Hey lovely
I love you
For Allah’s sake, it’s true

Sakitmu meragut senyumku.

"There’s a war going on here",
she whispered,
as she placed her palm on her left chest.

He never broke my heart. He only turned it into a compass that always points me back to him.

Kita mahu
yang lurus
yang lancar

Sedang Allah beri
yang berbelok
yang berkendala

Bukan apa
Jalan yang sebegitu
Penghujungnya lebih indah


Europe: iPhone or Samsung?
Africa: Water or bread?
Syria: Living or death?

Sometimes something catastrophic can occur in a split of second that changes a person’s life forever; other times one minor incident can lead to another and then another and another, eventually setting off just as big a change in a body’s life

Jeanette Walls, Half Broke Horses


In 1997, I was born in a whisper of a village in Port Sudan,
my mother’s prophecy fanning my face: she will be the one to save Sudan.

Daughter of this balad, born with the Asr prayer,
her blood is laced in the raging waters of Sudan.

When I was 13, I buried my heart in its sands
allowed its roots to wind around my blood vessels, Sudan,

you are a time-stamp in my memories.
I taste you in the empty cups of tea scattered on my balcony, Sudan.

You are the sandalwood wafting in the corridors of my eight story building,
I cannot remember the last time I cried out your name, Sudan.

I cannot say your name without sand cutting at my vocal chords. Dalia
still rings with your presence. I am a flower, whose petals blooms everywhere, even in Sudan.

Ghazal-Dalia A. (via theblackdalia)


The Light in Her Eyes (2011)

(Source: slumkitty)